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BE a WODdawg Athlete

The WODdawg Athlete Ambassador Program supports athletes who are respected leaders and influencers in their community. These athletes wear our gear because they believe in the quality of our product, are passionate about Fitness, and ooze awesomeness!

The Search Is On...

From April 19th - May 17th, HERO will be looking for a number of Athlete Ambassadors across North America and Europe. If you believe in our brand and love our products, we encourage you to apply!

Ambassador Application  Process

So you think you're a perfect fit for our program? Prove it! Follow these steps to become a kickass HERO Athlete Ambassador!

Wake up. Be awesome.
Go to   www.heroculture.com   and fill out the online application form.
'LIKE' and 'SHARE' the HERO CULTURE page on Facebook… you’re going to want the support of your friends and community when the voting starts! - https://www.facebook.com/pages/HERO-Culture/327792733921352.
Email your resume and cover to letter to info@heroculture.com.
Send us pics of you being awesome! - Hint - If you're wearing HERO in your pics you're more likely to win! (see #6)
(Optional) Order a shirt, tank top, hoodie, hat… anything, from   www.heroculture.com   - Hint - A picture of yourself in a HERO shirt is better than a picture of you in a competitors shirt :P (see #5)
When you see your picture and write up on Facebook or Instagram, have your friends and community LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE! We want to hear from your community just how awesome you are!
Look for confirmation of receipt and notification of status; we will be selecting finalists after May 17th.
Be sure to read 'The Fine Print' (see below).
APPLY EARLY!!! - Voting and support from your peers and/or community will be a consideration! (see #3)
Note: Submissions will be edited by HERO and posted to Facebook for voting in the form of LIKES, COMMENTS and SHARES.
Application Form

Last Name*
First Name*
Phone Number*
Postal Code*
Why are you interested in being a Hero Athlete ambassador?*
What makes you awesome?*
What are your personal, professional and health goals for the next year?*
Submit Your Resume / CV*
Apply Now

Hero Athlete Ambassador finalists will receive additional information regarding the program, goals and expectations. Hero will run through the program with each individual finalist before making our selection.

Rules & Regulations (otherwise known as ‘the fine print’)

The Hero Athlete Ambassador Program is open to anyone aged sixteen years or older. We do not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual preference or FRAN time.

1. All applicants must be 16 years of age or older as of April 19th. 2013.
2. Selected applicants must have a valid drivers license. 
3. Selected applicants must have a valid passport good thru June 1st, 2014.
4. Only individuals applying for the Hero Athlete Ambassador Program may apply; third party applications will not be accepted.
5. All applicants who submit photos agree that their photos are a true likeness of themselves and current within 6 months.
6. All applicants submitting photos agree to release these photos for any and all use by Hero Culture Inc. including, but not limited to, website, Facebook, Instagram, print media or other.
7. Successful applicants can not be sponsored or otherwise endorsed by a competitor brand.*
8. Successful applicants agree to the terms of the Hero Athlete Ambassador Program for a period of 1 Year effective June 1st, 2013.
*If you are sponsored by any brand related to CrossFit, Athletics, Supplements or other, please include this information in your application. Additional details on what is considered a 'competitor' brand will be shared on a case by case basis.

If you would like to be a HERO Athlete Ambassador but have questions regarding eligibility, please contact us at info@heroculture.com.


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